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that any former marriage is equal in value to a marriage between two Catholics done in the Catholic Church.The Catholic Church considers the marriages of folks who are not members of the Catholic equal in value to the marriages of Catholics.It is my attempt to explain what divorced folks need to know about the rules of the Catholic Church if they want to marry (again) in the Catholic Church.

Even if you are a well educated Catholic, you may not know enough to determine whether a previous marriage is “valid” or “invalid” by the standards of Canon Law.

When people are worried or upset about their marriage, they turn first to friends and family members, not to professionals. Some of us struggle with giving too much advice rather than empathizing and helping the person feel we get their pain.

Some of us actually feel stress in these conversations.

You will need a complete petition, a copy of the marriage license, a copy of the divorce decree and baptismal certificates for both parties in the marriage. The tribunal will decide if it has the competency to hear the case, then either accept or reject the petition.

If accepted, the tribunal will assign an auditor and a judge to the case.

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