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After fifteen yrs of being with him I discovered that the things I did overlook during our courtship took on a life of their own.I played my part in the demise of my marriage, and I think if there was a no-divorce clause prior to getting married I may have waited a bit longer before saying 'I do' or perhaps I would have never gotten married in the first place.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Would the term 'commitment' have more meaning to a couple prior to entering a marriage which would effectively be for their lifetimes?Mind you this is merely a hypothetical question but I think a valid one. Yes, I think the number of marriages would decline if there were no option other than to continue to be with that person...what kind of hell on earth are you proposing to make mandatory for everyone on the planet? I think you need to really know a person and really love them before you decide.it's one thing to hold yourself up to this kind of standard, that's your choice; but it's quite another to propose that the rest of the world should abide by the same twisted logic.hey, if i make a bad choice, i want the freedom to discard it and get a better one. also intelligent action.i don't want some kind of old-world enforcement of somebody else's institutionalized ideas of moral superiority and compulory behavior. i married an abusive man who was prince f#cking charming, until after we were married. so under your rules, i should stay married to this [email protected]? i would have poisoned his freaking poptarts in a heartbeat. Well, the altar is no longer the ultimate destination for couples anyways. Considering that marriage in it's pure form is a sacrament of the heart, it's a commitment to the self to be true to the heart. The "til death to you part" is no longer valid as a marriage pronouncement across the globe.Despite the fact we no longer live together we've continued the commitment to raising our children cooperatively.*wrong*. don't forget that the idea of marriage being "holy" comes exactly out of a period in history when there was no separation between church and state, when marriages were always arranged, when being "truly in love" had absolutely nothing to do with anything related to marriage, and when people put up quietly with all that crap for the sake of a dowry and family alliances, but every man discreetly had his own little thing on the side (i.e., somebody he was actually interested in).this bullshit STILL goes on in all the royal houses of europe. excuse me but i'm not about to model my life after a bunch of ridiculously self-important and completely useless inbreds.

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IMO, the standard marriage we know today won't be around in another 100 or so years. I suspect that if divorce were outlawed that would just speed that process up.

So, if in this hypothetical situation the ONLY reason this ruling could be overturned is because of gross abuse/neglect would people still 'rush' into a marriage? Divorce is our latest and greatest contribution to the on-going "ME ME ME ME got to have it all my way" Generation. I must be uncommonly cynical today because all I'm thinking is that this is endorphines flowing through our brains giving us that 'feel good' sensation... I'm not sure that vetoing divorce would help make better marriages.

Would people take the time to really get to know that person? Personally I think divorce is the underlying reason for most of the failures to progress that our society today is suffering from. I think it should be MORE offensive to the people of our generation than abortion, the on going emotional damage divoces inflicts upon the large number of families destroyed, children at infant stage learning different Mommy's and Daddy's....? Because then, we'd have to be responsible for living with our bad choices, trying to do the time, and the work to salvage the relationship and family we made - our own choice!!! I guess some people would consider things more heavily first, but not everyone that's been divorced rushed into their marriages without thought.

Considering the high rate of divorce in this country would those numbers change if divorce was no longer an option after either party says 'I do'? I also think that the following would occur:- more instances of co-habitation as opposed to marriage- more instances of domestic abuse- more instances of infidelity- more instances of murder I think it should be rather making marriage harder to achieve I think in that case that divorces would be lower.

It seems that in the OP's statement there is nothing to address the real problem which is people marrying without understanding the fundamental differences between them and working out those differences.

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