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Liberals and women were more likely to mark the new questions as important when compared to conservatives and men, respectively.This did not surprise us, considering many of the questions address hot-button topics for both groups.In fact, when you ask renters how much of a turn off a dirty apartment is, 78 percent said it was their biggest one!Additionally, 45 percent of renters got specific and said a romantic partner with a dirty bathroom was a big downside. If it seems like you are hitting it off, but your date doesn’t call again after seeing your apartment, you may want to tidy up a bit.” is the most polarizing of the new set; 45% of singles responded “There’s not enough evidence” while only 36% gave a resounding “yes.” 19% replied “No, it’s a conspiracy theory.” Although this question was not among the most highly rated on the importance scale, 78% of respondents marked it as important — that’s nearly 25% more than for the average question on Ok Cupid.Clearly, singles care about their potential date’s views on Russia.Singles Today Care A Lot About Topical Issues Remember, our data analyzed the results of nearly 270,000 answers — so we found a lot of statistics on dating in 2017.

The same can be said of daters’ views on “building a wall.” In response to the question “Do you believe we should ‘build a wall?Perhaps Trump’s recent scandal made them mainstream (excuse the pun), but a somewhat surprising discovery was how down daters are with golden showers — or at least how open they are to discussing them.While Trump proved to be a major deal breaker, golden showers did not; nearly a quarter of respondents claimed a golden shower was either a turn-on, or they could be convinced to try one out. More singles say they are willing to get pissed on than support Trump.” 81% said that how a potential date answered this question was highly important.When broken down by political party, 69% of conservatives and 82% of liberals marked the climate change issue as important to them.Being Ignored: Guys–just like ladies–want attention, which is why some say being neglected in social situations is a dealbreaker.Remember when you are hosting a dinner party at your apartment to put in some face time with your significant other as well as your guests.Some of the answers were expected, but others were surprisingly counterintuitive; all helped us discover some interesting trends among singles in 2017.Trump Is A Deal Breaker Trump certainly gets people riled up, and daters’ views on him — positive or negative — are considered a major deal breaker for singles considering potential matches.Back Up: Some men feel that it’s a deal breaker when their partner doesn’t back them up.Whether it involves a dispute with friends or family, the guy wants you to be on his side.

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  1. He renews his friendships with Pete and Rooney; builds a bond with his boss, Norman; assists Pete’s fiancée, Lucy (Sasha Alexander), with her bridal shower; attends Korean language classes; and much more.