Dbgrid row cannot be located for updating unique dating sites

Please go through the following Microsoft Article for more information :

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kita bisa melakukan beberapa select di beberapa record dengan menggunakan checkbox (jangan-jangan susah nih munculin checkbox nya) haha itu sama sekali tanpa kesusahan mas bro dan mbak sis, karena itu sudah ada dalam fasilitas Db Grid Eh, jadi bener-bener zero coding buat munculin checkboxnya, oke langsung kita mulai pertama-tama pada dbgrid Eh set properties , untuk lebih jelasnya lihat pada gambar dibawah ini Note: Sample dibuat dengan menggunakan Delphi 7, database Ms Access, dan Db Grid Eh (Eh Lib 6.2) jika terjadi ketidaksaman pelaku harap menyesuaikan, serta database bukan dalam kondisi Read Only jika ada pesan error seperti tersebut harap menyesuaikan juga : D.

Setelah melakukan setting sama dengan langkah diatas maka akan didapati pada db Grid kita akan muncul kolom checkbox pada bagian kiri dan sudah bisa kita main-mainkan untuk di contreng-contreng haha. procedure Tflatihan.bedit Click(Sender: TObject); begin if DBgrid Eh1. Count=0 then begin Message Dlg('Tidak ada data yang ditandai...',mt Warning,[mb OK],0); Exit; end; DBgrid Eh1. Delete; end; Oke tuntas sudah trick sederhana ini, selenjutnya tinggal kemampuan anda untuk berkreasi, bagi yang ingin mendownload contoh project ini silahkan sedoooott disini.

2) Creating a separate dataset (TADOQuery in my case) to do the updates. Sometimes it can help to know that it is not an issue with everyone else. This would let you use the After Post event to write update or insert SQL that would do the insert. Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

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I do not use the table component, I use the TADOQuery component. While I have run into your issue one of 2 things has always fixed it.

1) Making sure that each table has an identity column (marked as identity, not just unique) combined with using the 'Update Cirteria' I mentioned earlier. Another thing you might try is having the grid attached to a TClient Dataset.

Every table in your database should have a single unique ID field as it's key.

Show End Sub Private Sub cmd_Update_Click() If Not Selected_Person_Id = 0 Then frm_Person_Edit. Show Else Msg Box "No person is selected" End If End Sub Public Function Add Param(name As String, param As Variant, param Type As Data Type Enum) As ADODB.

Value End Sub Private Sub dg_Persons_Before Col Update(By Val Col Index As Integer, Old Value As Variant, Cancel As Integer) Msg Box Col Index End Sub Private Sub dg_Persons_Click() If dg_Persons.

Dear Experts, When I insert a row using TDBGrid and I either want to go to another row to enter another prospect  or I want to save.

The database then gives me the following error message: Row cannot be located for updating.

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