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There are around 100 dedicated adult volunteers who work to provide support for clubs, programs and activities.

Community clubs participate in community service projects, clinics, field trips, social events, and fundraisers throughout the year.

If you are interested in assisting with future prevention efforts or joining the Mercer County Prevention Coalition whose mission is to improve the quality of lives of Mercer County residents by preventing the harmful consequences of substance use and abuse among youth, families, and the larger community, please contact Amy Miller at 419-584-1000 or [email protected] Elementary is currently scheduling appointments for kindergarten screening for the 2018-2019 school year.

Students need to be five years old before August 1 to be eligible to attend.

The staff introduced themselves and their family group sea creature and learned the Under the Sea S. Joyce also encouraged them to focus on those things that make them TIC- their Talents, Interests, and Commitments. for many years, beginning with the very first retreat held!

The day started at am with energizers led by the youth volunteers. R.-geared lyrics that was created by youth leader, Ashley. She shared with them that the two things they always have control over are their efforts and attitude and by focusing on giving 100% effort with a positive attitude, they will get good results.

It appeared Poling slipped into the salt auger, where he was later discovered by another village employee. Today, the 4-H program is operated in every county in Ohio by Ohio State University Extension and has nearly 444,900 members participating across the state.

Under the direction of Laura Sanford and Amy Miller at Foundations Behavioral Health Services, this youth-led prevention event was led by 15 of the high school students from the Mercer County Youth to Youth (Y2Y) group, along with 13 additional adult volunteers.

The retreat also gave the students a chance to learn new skills, be themselves, and make new friends to support them in the difficult times!

4-H is the largest youth development organization in the country, with over 6 million youth participating across the country. In Van Wert County and all across the country, 4-Hers are still actively following the slogan of learn by doing to develop themselves into caring, contributing citizens and working to follow the 4-H motto of To Make the Best Better.

Van Wert County has over 500 active 4-H members involved in 18 community clubs throughout the county.

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