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That was probably the most fucked up and embarrassing moment of my life. They often pick empathetic women who will feel sorry for their problems and who will want to help them.He lied to me all of the time and cheated on me more than once. Of course I could have left, but abusive men have tactical ways of keeping the women feeling stuck.I lasted ten months in a long distance relationship where I actually trusted that person was being honest with me. Is she saying you don’t act trustworthy or is she saying she is feeling triggered from an offshoot of her past that is making her anxious? Respect her, and respect that it’s difficult to overcome these feelings. As strong as she is for getting out of that situation, she is fragile and vulnerable too.I wasn’t perfect though and I wasn’t totally done dealing with the residual aftermath. Don’t Take It Personally If she is having problems with trust because she’s been abused, but you are trustworthy then understand the source and don’t take it personally. None of this will work if you have no compassion for what she went through because you will not care.It might be difficult for them to comprehend what a woman has been through, not that they can’t.I say this from experience because my last boyfriend had a tough time grasping the lasting affects abuse had on me.The Canadian Women’s Foundation says “Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16” and “67% of all Canadians say they personally know at least one woman who has been sexually or physically assaulted.” Despite the overwhelming evidence suggesting it’s popularity, when I searched the internet I found that there isn’t a lot of literature to educate men on how to be in a relationship with a woman who has suffered from abuse.The kind of men who don’t abuse women but don’t understand how it has affected her or how to cope with some of the issues associated with her abuse. Whether it’s physical, sexual, verbal or emotional, abuse can have a lasting effect on the human psyche.

He did that because he had me pinned to the ground as he was yelling in my face, and I tried to push him off. I took two years of being single to work on myself, and I proud of how far I came. It’s Not An Excuse She probably really wishes she doesn’t have these leftover problems. They are valid emotions, reasonable to have for someone who has had to deal with the brunt end of someone’s dark side. If you don’t, gracefully leave her before you cause more damage.He perceived it as “my baggage” that affected him negatively.I don’t totally blame him, because the sort of sensitivity it takes to understand my situation is barely talked about, let alone taught to men. Women are victim-blamed instead of people knowing the psychology behind these kinds of complicated relationships. I have lightly touched upon it in my blog before but I will completely divulge.It takes a long time to realize that the abusive traits are part of that person too, and that nothing is going to change things.” – In a forum on dealing with girlfriends who’ve been abused.This is a great explanation on how people become involved and stay with an abusive partner.Dating or loving a girl who has been abused is not for the insensitive or selfish.You need to care enough about her to hold her hand while she gets through this. Give Her Time She isn’t going to get over it overnight.He once got so drunk that I locked him out of the house. I tolerate him at social functions but we don’t have much of a relationship. He threw a pint glass of beer directly past my face in a restaurant.I called the cops when he started breaking the glass in the windows to try and get back in. I called the cops when he told me he was going to break my jaw because I believed he would. The glass shattered and crashed on a wall behind me.They were brand new, I had never worn them outside before. Sometimes he would lose his temper and scream at me in public.He once pushed me so hard against the floor that I threw up all over it. He hated me, because I did well in school, and was treated slightly better because I wasn’t always getting into trouble. He became verbally and emotionally abusive, and eventually physically abusive. He used suicide as a threat so I wouldn’t break up with him. He pushed over my chest of drawers and stabbed it with a butcher knife until it broke into pieces.

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