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I've survived and you have not terrorised me into silence.'" Not everyone likes the very personal nature of Eltahawy's writing, but, as with many activists, it's this candid element that makes her message more compelling."If I'm calling for a social-sexual revolution the least I can do is to talk about my own journey to this revolution as a way of sharing," she says.

When my arms were still in casts, I promised myself that when I healed I would dye my hair bright red and get tattoos on both my arms as a form of celebrating my survival but also saying, 'I'm here.

Now, she has expanded her thoughts into a book, Headscarves And Hymens: Why The Middle East Needs A Sexual Revolution.

"I'm convinced," she says, "that this political musical chairs we are having in Egypt will not end unless we have a ground-up social and sexual revolution.

"A lot of the ways that women are kept in line, in my part of the world, are through obedience and conformity.

And we have to encourage our young women to disobey and stop conforming to these very strict notions of what a 'good woman' is," she says.

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