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However, the name zipper itself didn't come into use until the B. Goodwrench Company began using this fastening device on its rubber galoshes, circa 1923.

From there, it was not until the 1930s that zippers really took hold in the fashion world.

For many buyers interested in vintage clothing, zippers also represent an important clue in dating garments and achieving authenticity when refurbishing or designing them.

Therefore, knowing what to look for in a vintage zipper before committing to a purchase, whether that is an article of clothing or the zipper itself, is a valuable tool.

Sundback was a Swedish-American electrical engineer and essentially the father of the zipper we see today.

After ingratiating himself with the company through his good skills (and by marrying the plant manager’s daughter), Sundback devoted himself to improving the fastener.

This saves you money, both in terms of shipping costs as well as on the per-unit price of each item within the bundle.

Few realize how much of a breakthrough they were roughly a century ago, and how they changed the construction of not only clothing, but also luggage, camping gear, and sporting goods in general.This also means that in the vintage clothing trade, a piece needs to be dated accurately and contain only elements from its associated era in order to be deemed authentic.In this respect, the buyers who are looking for vintage clothing or trying to recreate a vintage look must know not only about the history behind the use of the zipper and the garments that go with it, but also how to use that knowledge to correctly identify and date clothing.The promotion that sealed the deal for the zipper came in 1937 when an article in Esquire Magazine praised the zipper's use in men's pants for its ability to prevent an "embarrassing disarray" with its secure closure.Most vintage zippers on the market today are found in clothing that dates from the late 1920s onward.It was at this time that the utility of zippers on combat boots and pouches had designers reconsidering the use of this fastening tool in everyday attire.It was seen as infinitely more effective and time conserving compared to buttons or laces.Whether the intention is to buy vintage clothing or restore it, understanding the connection between a garment and its zipper represents one of the most crucial elements of success in the fashion industry.Indeed, as many vintage clothing experts say, the key to authentic vintage is age, and age can be determined by looking at a zipper.The company that eventually came to be known as zippers originally started under a different name entirely.Whitcomb Judson, often credited as the true inventor of what came to be known as the zipper, originally presented the grand idea at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair under the Not ones to accept defeat, the zipper men moved to Hoboken, New Jersey and brought on Gideon Sundback, the man who would come to define the modern zipper in 1906.

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