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Vkontakte, Russia’s local social media site, is at the top of the list, making it the most popular website in Russia.

This is no surprise with the increasing popularity of social media, not only in Russia but all over the world.

Beyond staying connected with friends and family, VK offers entertainment services as well.

Users are able to create playlists of videos and music.

is a definite go-to for any Russian Internet user because if they aren’t entering a search query, they are checking their email, ordering tickets, shopping on Yandex. Odnoklassniki is the third most popular website in Russia.

Similar to Vkontakte, it is a local social media site.

There are listings on anything from cars, property, jobs, to services.

Google lands at 8th place for Russia’s top websites.

provides a mailing service, as well as providing search, news, and weather for its users. There is a local version of Youtube called Ru Tube that is also used to share videos on other social media platforms.

Russia’s top 10 websites 2016 ranked by Similar Web tell us how Russians are spending their time online.

Russia’s top 10 websites of 2016 consist of four social networking sites, three search engines, email, video entertainment, and classifieds.

As opposed to some other markets, domestic sites dominate Russia but international websites still play a major role in the Ru Net ecosystem.

This blog walks through the top sites, defining the domestic sites and elaborating on some of the Russian uses of internationally well known sites.

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