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The people of the Bend like to do things in certain ways and have stuck to them.

Theirs are handsome, if unorthodox, works of art, yet the shared unorthodoxy attests to the stabilizing power of a tradition that, for many decades, has fostered individualism and even eccentricity.

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These forms, like the work-clothes quilt genre, offer metaphors for existence in the Bend, where art discovered ways to sprout from the ordinariness of daily life.

The focal print is an adaptation of a rare French decorating linen dating back to 1840.

The muted purple, blue and wine colors are intentional to represent the fading of the colorful madder dyes originally used.

In Gee's Bend, this recycling practice became the founding ethors for generations of quiltmakers who have transformed otherwise useless material into marvels of textile art.

Until the middle of the twentieth century, the majority of quilts from the area were made from worn-out work clothes, a palette of old shirts, overalls, aprons and dress bottoms whose stains, tears, and faded denim patches provide a tangible record of lives marked by seaons of hard labor in the fields of the rural South.

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