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Most Christians might think I would have to be nuts to warn others about the possibility of rising Christian imperialism at a time when Christianity is under oppression by the secular Far Left and Islam but apart from my mental condition I try to stay one step ahead of the curve.

One thing that I have learned over the years about politics is that political action on one side of the political spectrum soon produces a counter-reaction from the other side of the spectrum after a short time.

By the way, the first enemy of the NAR is all Christianity that failed to take dominion back from the Devil and is hindering the “anointed” apostles and prophets of the NAR.

They probably will be glad to see us removed in the Rapture if they actually believed in a pretrib rapture, but they do not. I understand that the NAR cult is growing by 9 million people each year thanks much to undiscerning Christian TV networks that promote these heretics and the “transformations” home cell groups.

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Nevertheless, if hard dominionists try to force their form of Christianity on the world through Far Right political agendas and by calling down judgments on other people, there will be physical counter reactions.There are examples of the Far Right as well, under the rule of aristocrats, dictators and religion.Even in the days when Christianity ruled in various areas of the world we did not have anything near a Christian society; We just had Christian Imperialism.I want to warn about a rising movement toward Christian Imperialism coming from elements mostly in Protestantism.There is subtle soft dominionism coming from Rick Warren and associates with his one billion man army and there is the hard dominionism coming from various factions that came out of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movement.They intend to rule over the religious of the world and I am pretty sure they will succeed in the days that the Beast of Revelation rises to power.However, the obvious Roman Harlot of Revelation and its Dominion Theology and imperialism is not the real point of this post.Before that, there was Christian imperialism and allegiance to Christianity was generally forced on the populations that were under Christian control.The Roman Church may have changed its methods in light of present world realities but its goal is still to have total religious dominion over the earth.The reason for that is that any political system that man tries always ends in failure due to man’s depravity.How many times have the political philosophies of the Far Left or the Far Right already been tried in the world? People are soon going to realize that the Far Left does not have the answers and they will look for answers from the Far Right but they will have no real answers either because unregenerate man is selfish and hopelessly depraved.

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