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While you can search for people on our 'Have you met...' feature, our smart profiling system is also able to deliver between 3-7 compatible matches a day, in line with your individual personality type preferences, leaving you free to focus on saying hello to that intriguing someone.

So, now you know how the test will determine your personality 'type,' what should you consider for long-term success? With more than 200 questions, the personality test should be properly considered; so set some time aside and complete it when you are relaxed.

While there are plenty of places online where you can go to learn your Big Five personality scores, Visual DNA takes it one step further and analyzes your results, explaining how the different elements combine to affect things like your outlook, composure, and resilience.

Free online dating site Ok Cupid says Julian Assange's profile is real; Profile "Harry Harrison" took 42 of the site's special personality tests.The questionnaire is one of the means by which Elite Singles introduces you to other users.Giving what may appear to be the ‘right’ answer may serve to dilute your qualities and portray you as somebody quite generic; what makes you different is usually what makes you attractive.Our personality test is a key part of your success with Elite Singles.The questions we have developed will look into your personal qualities and allow us to introduce you to like-minded singles.It was after spending 10 minutes taking a “what kind of sloth are you? Those little Buzz Feed-style quizzes are so addictive (who doesn’t want to know more about their personality?), but unfortunately aren’t really helping any of us get further in life.Our personality test - along with many other great Elite Singles features - is also included on our handy mobile app!Download it today to find long-term love on the go.As research by Norton (2007) has established, profiles with more information have far more success in attracting highly compatible people, so try to present yourself as fully as possible.Other members want to read something interesting about you, so convey what makes you special.

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