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[Side note before my original post begins: At the end of my post, you’ll find advice, tips, and a few questions from readers in the comments.

I moderate comments for relevance, mainly coming from people who have/have had mono strep throat.

No exaggeration, it took everything in my power to try and speak clearly over the phone. Take all of your medicine during this 10 day period.

When my doctor came on the line she said, “Remember when I told you we caught the mono early? Even though swallowing is hard, the pills aren’t too tough to swallow. After the last pill on the last day of my penicillin the white spots on my throat disappeared.

I imagined that these white spots were like mucus scars, giving my tonsils time to heal and eventually they’d come off. I added some lavender oil and kosher salt, cuz that’s what I had available. Slowly, but enough so that I felt cooled down at the end of the bath. Just come to terms with the fact that swallowing is gonna suck.

Maybe they mean that bacteria pus is squeezing out of the tonsil and that’s what you see. But I didn’t touch them with my fingers or a probe. This sounds super weird but I like rolled myself around in the tub (I had a really small tub) so that different parts of my neck would get warm to try and help my throat. My solution was to have a glass cup (aka my spittoon) next to me at all times.

Del Toro will not be directing (though he will stay on as a producer), and the film will instead be directed by Steven S.

Three days later when my entire neck started to swell up like I was in a fat suit and my throat started to close and I could hardly talk at all – that’s when the mono symptoms began. For some people steroids can cause irreversible damage to your body.

I was diagnosed on a Thursday, and on Sunday started feeling worse. Neck starts to swell more, I can barely touch my chest with my chin. Very hard to talk (my voice sounds like a swamp if I try). At night, I take a dose of Tylenol PM — a super bad idea [keep reading]. This is why my doctor didn’t want to use them on me.

Please take care of yourself and realize that some people end up going back to the hospital after their initial diagnosis. I was diagnosed with strep throat and mono at the beginning of April 2013. During the worst stages of my illness, I searched Google for advice and information – some helpful, some only reiterating that the pain was normal, and some did not work for me. But in case someone else out there is searching for help, here are the strategies and experiences I had during my illness.

You should never be made to feel like a burden by medical staff — go back to the doctor to seek help if you are afraid for your life. Thanks to a supportive group of friends and employers, I was able to stay home for 1.5-2 weeks to recover. In this post I first describe my strep and mono illness timeline, from diagnosis to crawling out of my sickness cave and entering the living world once again.

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