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With the decline in subsistence fishing in the area, many of the new generation of Samoans are no longer familiar with the traditional management practices that govern the conservation of coral reefs.

With the decline of awareness of , the traditional cultural ethics of resource management were being lost as well.

The American Samoa Department of Commerce and Office of Samoan Affairs help facilitate the sanctuary’s community consultations in a manner that is culturally appropriate and respectful of .

The sanctuary also makes a special effort to work with the American Samoan community with outreach programs for all ages.

is often heard in American Samoa, and refers to the traditional Samoan lifestyle, or way of life.

It is the foundation of Polynesia’s oldest culture – dating back some 3,000 years.

They developed a unique Samoan language and Samoan cultural identity. Western Samoa was admitted to the United Nations on 15 December 1976.Nafanua was a famous woman warrior who was deified in ancient Samoan religion.Contact with Europeans began in the early 18th century.The Samoan people are very proud of their unique cultural heritage and they have been able to effectively maintain their traditional way of life.Over the past century, some traditions and customs have evolved to accommodate western influences. Samoans restricted use on areas that became overstressed in order to protect their resources.Intimate sociocultural and genetic ties were maintained between Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga, and the archaeological record supports oral tradition and native genealogies that indicate inter-island voyaging and intermarriage between pre-colonial Samoans, Fijians, and Tongans.Notable figures in Samoan history included the Tui Manu'a line and Queen Salamasina (15th century).Contact was limited before the 1830s, which is when English missionaries and traders began arriving.Christian missionary work in Samoa began in 1830 by John Williams, of the London Missionary Society arriving in Sapapali'i from The Cook Islands and Tahiti. West, "The Samoans were also known to engage in ‘headhunting', a ritual of war in which a warrior took the head of his slain opponent to give to his leader, thus proving his bravery." The Germans in particular began to show great commercial interest in the Samoan Islands, especially on the island of Upolu, where German firms monopolised copra and cocoa bean processing.The United States laid its own claim, based on commercial shipping interests in Pearl River in Hawaii and Pago Pago Bay in Eastern Samoa, and forced alliances, most conspicuously on the islands of Tutuila and Manu'a which became American Samoa.Britain also sent troops to protect British business enterprise, harbour rights, and consulate office.

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