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That would be a total of 18 kept hives left in Bermuda.The effects on our environment especially on our agricultural crops and bee pollinated fruits could be catastrophic.Scientists believe that several factors combined, including viruses, mites, bacterial and fungal diseases, long-range hauling for pollination services and pesticide exposure may be stressing the bees immune systems, leading to the demise of bee colonies worldwide.In Bermuda, it often assumed wrongly that the island's distance from the USA as the nearest landmass offers some protection, but this is not so.In November 2009 an observant Bermuda beekeeper noticed an unexpected and new bee parasite in a sample of bees and comb removed from a feral (wild) hive.The parasite was confirmed to be Varroa mite, (Varroa destructor) arguably the most destructive pest to the beekeeping industry and the one that has also been proposed as one of the several stressors that may be contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).In 1987 when Hurricane Emily swept over the island, the main honey flow from the Schinus sp.

A recent attempt to bring in skunks for domestic purposes was defeated.2017. Bermudas latest lizard arrival, the brown anole, appears to be thriving but is prompting concern over the islands endangered natives.

Prior to the mite introduction there were estimated to have been several hundred wild bee colonies scattered around the island and approximately 310 kept hives.

Bee specialists have advised that without any treatment or mite control, the bee population in Bermuda will dwindle down to about one hive every two kilometers (1.2 miles).

Popular as pets but aggressive breeders in the wild, the lizard, distinguished by ridges on its back, has proliferated in the southern United States.

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Bermuda has two distinct populations of brown anoles.

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