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POLITICAL Science and RELIGIOUS Science, which is (exactly what bozo's Global Warming and Climate Science is all about)! we are, one step closer to the tipping point of carbon dioxide driven global weather armegeddon simply because you wanted to try to make a joke.

One, the graph for CO2 in the air is an extremely precise line. Two, if equilibrium were not established, oceans would be absorbing or losing CO2 at a high rate, yet no detectable change occurs beyond the stab in the dark guess that it might have dropped 0.15 p H units over the past century.... Trees, Plants, vegetation absorb the remaining 2.7% of the excessive CO2 giving us the oxygen that we breathe Salt Water oceans and the biosphere will generally keep the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere constant, however any excess human activities producing CO2 take a slower rate of oceanic absorption which will eventually and ultimately occur!!It is tragic that a few (well meaning) politically motivated scientists have (whipped up) a global warming (frenzy) which is an unproven hypothesis of assumptions that cannot be substantiatedly proven!!!AK 47 Bozo...keeps "shooting himself" (over and over and over again)..the foot, claiming he knows how science works! two types of science that we (all know that Bozo) has a (firm grasp of).........Before scientists would take greenhouse effect warming seriously, they had to get past a counter-argument of long standing.It seemed certain that the immense mass of the oceans would quickly absorb whatever excess carbon dioxide might come from human activities. You have lost (or never gained) the ability to critically analyze an argument. This bozo is one of your global warming (man-made) climate change sources which is the IPCCNOTICE the rhetoric: "Under certain circumstances" "Reasonable assumptions"NOTICE the hypothetical adjectives: "Chance, Could, Might NOTICE the consensus: "All 2500 scientists agree NOTICE the percentage: "5% chance of..... Now that is what I call a "real crisis........5% chance! hojo wrote: Here is Science speaking bozo, in referencing one of your biggest global warming promoters and advocates from the IPCC regarding Al Gore BULL warming and his predictions:"Global warming and why we must act in the next 10 years" by Sir David King--Chief Scientific Advisor to the British Government says: The IPCC panel of 2500 of the worlds top scientists, met recently and reviewed 10's of 1000's of technical papers and agreed that: UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS and REASONABLE ASSUMPTIONSthat there is a-----5%-----CHANCE that the average temperature COULD RISE by a mere 6.4 degrees centigrade by 2117 and that human beings---MIGHT----- be extinct in 100 years.Roger Revelle discovered that the peculiar chemistry of sea water prevents that from happening.His 1957 paper with Hans Suess is now widely regarded as the opening shot in the global warming debates.Home Depot's shares climbed 1.5% Monday morning after the home-improvement retailer beat Wall Street earnings estimates for the sixth consecutive quarter.Used 2017 Chevrolet Express 3500 LT for sale in Ponderay, ID priced at ,000.

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