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I’ll be back in two minutes.” I sat patiently in his truck, assuming he was on an errand for his mother.

When he came back to the truck, he smiled and said “Ah, they didn’t have what I needed, but I figured you could use one of these.” And with that, he handed me a jar of 144 individually wrapped Atomic Fireballs.

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The entire secret of our happy marriage: Yin and Yang. With gratitude , Joan, who in her lifetime has been a tall blonde, a tall brunette, a tall redhead, a tall green-headed toad, and is currently sporting a lovely blend of all those shades except green Dear Friends, Last night I was holed up in our master bedroom getting caught up on work emails when our doorbell rang.Is he living within or even below his means to make it happen? has a plan about the future beyond debt payoff Once he has paid off all his debts does he have financial plans beyond the short term? Action is also an important factor in deciding whether to continue dating someone.Don’t let someone sweet talk you into giving them ‘time to figure out what to do’. It is just as important to look at what they are doing about that debt right now.We all know the red flags to look for in a relationship with regard to money: – They never look at the price of anything and spend money like there’s no tomorrow.– They have credit or debit cards turned down more than once when you are with them.Not only did we love the food at this particular place, I loved the free candy at the hostess’s station — Atomic Fireballs. Mom had introduced me to the insanely hot and addictive jawbreakers and we had gotten in the habit of picking up a couple every time we could.But on this particular day, the hostess was out of candy and we left empty-handed. Mom drove me back to my apartment, he made an unannounced stop at a Sam’s Club, saying, “I forgot, I have to pick something up here.And after all these years, he’s used to me interrupting him. I liked it before and I like it now and it doesn’t seem like much of a change.” (Quick quiz for any males reading: Is this a safe answer for a husband?So he stopped talking, took a long look at my hair, and finally said. ) I must have given him a funny look (read: not a safe answer) because he quickly responded: “Honestly, honey, I’m probably not the best person to ask.And much to everyone’s surprise, this arrived for my son, Parker: He downplayed it, of course, but I think he was secretly excited.I mean, what 16-year-old boy wouldn’t be thrilled by the Exacta payoff of pizza AND a date?

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