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He is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with .He helps us understand the techniques and anatomy of muscles building . I would strongly recommend him to write books and make training videos which would help all those guys who want to build their body injury free .I would have never thought I would go to a counseling in my life, due to me being a very private person, but they are so warm hearted and made it easy for my husband and I to communicate with them.I wish nothing but the best and all the blessings for them.Annette Tyson provides a balance and comfortable session.You're in a session where the focus is on you and your healing.

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He gets high praise from me and I would recommend him to anyone .

The sheer amount of people from serious athletes to kids to normal everyday folks and celebrities he coaches is unreal making his track record and experience/level of expertise hard to compete with.

We just started 3 sessions ago and already I feel and SEE a major difference that my boyfriend even commented :) This guy is so experienced and KNOWS sports science.

He seems genuinely concerned about helping me reach my personal goals, and that's a unique quality.

My experience with Personal Trainer's in the past has been all about the bottom dollar .

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