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The guitar was my stepdads and I'm 90% sure he bought this guitar in the 80's but I'm just curious of the precise date of it's manufacturing. It is on the backplate of the neck which also says, "Steel Adjustable Neck Made In Japan." The video is can be found here . Any help will be very appreciated regarding this guitar. (notoriously dodgy serial numbers but your's is fairly safe as it can't be 1910 or 2010!) means it was made in 1981 Google the Matsumoku factory, specifically Japanese guitars, for more info but be prepared for a lot of trawling about: I play an Aria Pro II and I'm a fan of the Matsumoku Factory (Aria, Aria Pro II, Westone, Washburn, Epiphone...) but it's a bit of a mine-field!Aria makes guitars ranging from beginner to professional models.

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All guitars were made in Japan until 1988, when production of less expensive models (Magna MAB/MAC and Integra IGB series) was switched to Korea.This Matsumoku made Les Paul STD does not have any serial numbers, so I can only assume this guitar was made between 19, based on various resources found on the web. I remember the first time I ever picked up one of these Aria Pro II Les Paul’s.I was amazed at the build quality of the instrument.In the 70s and early 80s the company came into its own in the United States with a series of high end professional instruments.The company had professional endorsements from Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Neal Schon, John Taylor, Henrik Flyman, Loose Wayne and SS of Dark Frost and many more.I inherited a Aria Flying-V guitar about 2 years ago and I never could find the age of it.I even went so far as to make a picture video of it on youtube so I could show it to people who might be able to tell me more about it.The only thing that lets a lot of these Aria Pro II LS-500 models down is the binding.It often generates a small split between the edge of the binding and the body of wood.The guitar itself was heavier than any other Les Paul I had ever played before and when I held it in my hands I knew I was holding a solid workhorse guitar that would last a lifetime of playing.The Anico V humbucker pickups sound super smooth and have a really nice character about them.

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