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Add a digital element to it of being connected via email, Facebook, or Twitter and it's magnified big time.

Online Dating Anxiety Disorder (ODAD) is overwhelming.

You'll be burning up the phone lines if you see a Facebook relationship status change or a photo posted with someone else.

You really don't know what's going on in your ex's mind and it doesn't matter.

While recycling an ex over the holidays is common, the feelings after the holiday party euphoria have worn off, or after the post-sex hormones diminish again, will leave you in a worse place emotionally than if you were spending time with friends or trying to cultivate a new relationship.

Even my own mother has been known to ask me to log onto a dating site over the years, so she can view who was writing to me.

Just yesterday I learned of a couple fell in love at first sight that met on Match.

She hadn't had a serious relationship in over 10 years and now they're smitten. You'll be juggling dates, canceling dates, rescheduling dates, it's exhausting, but it can be so very rewarding as it has been for millions of others. You'll feel anxious if you see him or her logging on looking for your replacement.

I know a couple that met online on Christmas Eve on Facebook who are now engaged.

I know of another couple that met online on e Harmony on Valentine's Day who are now happily married.

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