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Another name for the city by ancient Egyptians is 'Yebo', which also meant 'elephant'.A Jewish garrison community that was already settled in the island by the fifth century B.Although Tamut was the wife of Ananiah after the contract was drawn, she still belonged to her original owner Meshullam b. There are only two documents that relate to dating the settlement of the Jewish garrison at Elephantine.The first one is the Letter of Aristeas, which scholars believe to have been written in the second century B. The letter documents the Greek translation of the Pentateuch in Alexandria.Also documented are historic events and circumstances that relate to the emigrations of Jews into Egypt.It is mentioned on a certain part of the letter that Jews "had been sent to Egypt to help it's king Psammetichus in his campaign against the king of the Ethiopians (Nubians)."(The Letter Of Aristeas: 13).

The name Elephantine is Greek meaning 'elephant' and this expresses the city's function as a gate to the South, since elephants were brought from the south towards Nubia.

The archives are concerned with diverse matters of the community; i.e. Some documents that belonged to members of the Aramean garrison were also found at Syene. Thereafter, more publications followed such as those by W. The judicial court to which these contracts were drawn in accordance is uncertain (i.e., Persian or local Jewish courts).

The collection of the archives has been first discovered and purchased by Giovanni Belzoni from a local market in Aswan (Egypt). Although most of the contracts were written in Aramaic, they seem to have followed the same formula as that of the Egyptian contracts.

Although the living standards at Elephantine are not well known, the Jewish settlers were certainly wealthier than the average Egyptian commoners.

Some of them seemed to be real state, owning several houses; many kept more than one Egyptian slave and purchased expensive gifts for their brides -- 10 Shekels on average.

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