Dating a guy who plays guitar

This guitar was featured on the cover of the 1982 album “D. Play My Blues” – but on the “remastered” version which was released a couple of years later on CD.

Judging from that, and couple of other photos from that period (search Buddy Guy Stockholm 1982), Buddy got this guitar sometime in the early ’80s, but there’s one thing that directly contradicts this data – the guitar had Gold Lace Sensor pickups! who developed these pickups, started working on them in the early ’80s, but they did not became available until 1987 when they were shipped with the Strat Plus model.

Buddy’s popularity diminished a bit in the late ’80s, his some of the more recent albums earned Buddy Grammy Awards, and revitalized his career.

As far as the rewards go, Buddy was introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, received five Grammy awards total, 23 W. Handy Awards , Billboard Magazine’s prestigious Century Award, the title Greatest Living Electric Blues Guitarist, and the Congressional Medal of Arts awarded by the President. He bought it in Louisianne, and used on his very first single “Sit and Cry (the Blues)” released in 1957.

Buddy played on it maybe just a few more times, and went back to his 1957/58 maple Stratocaster.It is not clear if this guitar is ’57 or ’58; Buddy himself refers to it as ’57, while among the fans it’s widely known as ’58.The guitar does have a three tone sunburst finish, which is more common among the late ’58 and ’59 Strats, but this doesn’t necessarily eliminate the possibility of it being a ’57.This SG/Les Paul was featured on the cover of “I Was Walking Through the Woods” released in 1974, but that album itself was recorded from 1960 to 1964.Only thing that this tells us the that Buddy logicly used the SG before the release of the album, which is very vague, and open to guesses.In 1958, Buddy entered and won a guitar contest with Magic Sam and Otis Rush, which landed Guy a record contract with Chess Records.This turned out to be far from a perfect place for Buddy, since his playing was described as “noise” by Leonard Chess – the founder of the company.After a couple of friendly shots of Remy XO, the guy agreed to trade the ’57 for Buddy’s red polka Strat, and 0 on top of that.(full story, and the name of the person who traded in Buddy’s Strat is posted on a couple of forums, but for privacy reasons we decided to leave it out)It is not clear when Buddy exactly played this guitar.He bought the guitar after his first guitar was stolen from his apartment in Chicago.He went out and borrowed money from a lady who owned a bar called Theresa’s Blues Lounge, and bought himself this Strat.

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