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On Instagram, she says, daters can search "styleby" to find fashion inspiration.

Don't just give your significant other a meet-up address.

When they get there, have another clue waiting for them that provides the location for your date.

To make things fun, you can make this last clue oblique.

Make the lead-up to your date exciting by creating a scavenger hunt, Butler recommends.

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The service pairs you with a stylist who you'll be able to speak with on the phone and share style preferences and outfit ideas.

To save money and still receive a great, home-cooked meal, call (and vet) local culinary schools and ask if they have a programme that sends out student chefs.

"He or she will come in and prepare the meal with all the works," Butler says.

Staying on good terms with the staff will help you reserve the corner table on a future visit.

Even if you're the "fly by the seat of one's pants" type when it comes to planning a date, there's a good chance that picking out an outfit puts you in a tizzy. Rarely is a good date the result of unneeded anxiety.

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