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There are no dies used, the make-ready times are low and the production speed is the speed of the press.

This in turn has lead to significant advances to cold foil application techniques which have now become of interest to print sectors not previously associated with foil stamping.The pattern which was on the film is now imprinted into the varnish to provide a holographic image at very low cost.This image can be used for purely decorative purposes or as a bespoke image to give group brand recognition and brand protection.With all companies and more importantly, their customers now aware of their “Carbon Footprint” the necessity to reduce total power consumption has become more than just about economic savings for a business.The recent “Carbon Footprint Supply Chain Summit” held in May in London with participants’ from Boots and Diageo, amongst others, discussed methods of consumer products companies examining and reducing the power consumption of their total supply chain.One the second unit an embossed OPP film is pressed into the wet varnish and with the two held together the varnish is dried by a UV source.The film is then removed and re-reeled for future use.If you are not the addressee please notify the sender and delete the email from your system.Any views expressed in this email may not represent OFT Technology Ltd.The foil can then be overprinted by the next four units to produce any colour of foil required.As the colour now comes from the process rather than materials there is no requirement for special orders or delayed deliveries for your customers.

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