Consolidating information

In many cases, Cash Balance Benefit Program contributions and interest will not cover the full cost of all eligible Cash Balance service that you performed.

However, if you have contributions from overtime, or rollover funds in your Cash Balance account, those funds may also be applied to the cost of covering your eligible Cash Balance service (these funds do not convert to service credit).

The law prohibits the same service from being covered under more than one plan, or more than one program within a plan. However, you may purchase credit under the Defined Benefit Program for any eligible Cash Balance service you performed. Because you never performed any eligible Cash Balance service, there is no service to convert.

However, as a Defined Benefit Program member, there may be other service you are eligible to purchase.

Now is the time to revisit IT strategy and look for ways to consolidate your IT infrastructure to improve responsiveness, reduce costs, and increase performance.

Through carefully planned consolidation, you can create a flexible, scalable IT environment that supports future growth and change.

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Cal STRS grants service credit to the member’s Defined Benefit account based on the time covered under the Cash Balance Benefit Program that is “eligible Cash Balance service.” The contributions and interest in the Cash Balance account are applied to the cost of consolidating benefit coverage.

You must have eligible Cash Balance service to be eligible to consolidate benefits.

When your benefits are consolidated, Cal STRS will determine the amount of service credit that can be added to your Defined Benefit account, and will apply the contributions and interest in your Cash Balance account toward the cost of covering your eligible Cash Balance service under the Defined Benefit Program.

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