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An Ohio high school track coach and father-of-three has been fired after police say he texted naked photos to multiple underage students and left his children at home with a dead dog.Court records show 28-year-old Nelson Cousin pleaded not guilty to charges that include child endangerment and violating prohibitions concerning companion animals.Cousin was placed on paid leave at work on March 28 after school officials learned of the allegations against him.When police officers arrived at Cousin’s home in early April to perform a search, they had to leave because the stench inside the trash-filled residence made them feel nauseated. I don’t even want to be friends with you if you smoke, let alone date you. I’m not saying you need to go to an Ivy League school or be a nuclear engineer (because that’s what DB was and clearly that did not work out) but I cannot date a dimwit. Are you the dumbest human being to ever walk this earth that you are really going to make fun of me for accomplishing something that you cannot even pronounce? Oh, right….remember that terrible date from last week? We went out Thursday and it was so bad that I came dangerously close to moving to Russia so that I could become a Russian Mail Order Bride. So I came to the conclusion that Eharm is the absolute worst. Hmmm, if you’re thinking ‘wow, that would make me feel really insecure and out of shape’, guess what—you’re right! And after the date I went home and watched a Law and Order SVU marathon, and life was just so good. And whenever I don’t like someone, they become obsessive stalkers (see above…) So, yeah, probs won’t work out but at least I had someone cute to look at for 2 hours.Cousin was criminally charged in May with four counts of child endangerment, three counts of contributing to the unruliness of a child, and one count of violating the prohibitions concerning companion animals.

Bug bombs had been placed on top of the severely decomposed animal to kill maggots.

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Cousin had worked for the school district since 2011, first as a cross country coach, then as a track and basketball coach and a teacher's aide.

Officers serving a search warrant at Cousin's home in April say they found his three school-aged sons sleeping in the living room on a couch reeking of urine because of a decomposing corpse of a dog in a bedroom.

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