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To describe this scent I’d say this is comforting,relaxing,spicy,fiery and festive as this is definitely a scent to be worn in the holiday seasons.

"Burberry London" is a bit more "dry/earthy" to my nose compared to the above mentioned, but definitely within the same area. Rating: 4/5 Seasons: Primarily, fall/winter Occasions: Formal, semi-formal, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve.

Released: 2006 Perfumer/Nose: Antoine Maisondieu (1) Bottle size in use: 50 ml.

(1) Batch Code: AJ7EM7AL = 2017 To me this is a special scent that is for a specific occasion, the holidays.

This to me is what a classy gentleman is supposed to smell like in the colder seasons ! I have received compliments on this and my girlfriend also enjoys this but she also says it is a little mature for what she typically likes.

To be fair she usually associates all tobacco scents as old Overall rating— 8 out of 10 !

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