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proseicon de autw dia to ikanw cronw taiz mageiaiz exestakenai autouz. We must give a particular attention first to the Luke’s use of the catchphrase, “now those”, (hoi men oun) in Vs 4 as an indication that there is a deliberate turning to a new direction.

There is a deliberate attempt by Luke in interspersing his narratives in a way to give panoramic historical developments weaved around certain people and places.

This missionlogical development is the beginning of the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy of Acts 1:8 which set out the panoramic move of the gospel, taking over the entire global geography, and putting Jerusalem as the starting point.

As observed from the narrations of Luke, it took persecution and aggression for the church to step out of Jerusalem to the other territories.

In more concise words, I will say that the Luke’s presentation of theology and history in Acts is around certain geography (Jerusalem, Samaria, Antioch, Rome etc) and biographies (Paul, Philip, Peter).

You can hear her first solo track "Tick Tock" at her myspace Faye Hamlin. 2 Red Chillies2-3 tablespoon of Chana Dal2 tablespoon of Grated Coconut1/2 teaspoon of Coriander Powder/Seeds2 tablespoon of Sesame oil Heat some oil. Fry the grated coconut along with coriander powder/seeds separately till the coconut turns golden color. Mix well,cover the pan and cook in medium flame for 6-7 mins. It must be humbly recognized that those at the center stage of this cross cultural mission in the early part of the church’s missions were mainly Hellenist brethren.Both the location and the characters of this particular story are of very great significance.The textual descriptions argues that this is (Hellenist )deacon Philip, and not Apostle Philip especially judging from the fact that verse one clearly states that the Apostles remain in Jerusalem.There is no other suggestion from the rest of the book of Acts to support the idea that it was Apostle Philip.This might be pointless, I'm only posting because this song has been stuck in my head all day and now I'm backtracking my play fan days :\ Maybe some of you remember them?! I think maybe their biggest hit was I Must Not Chase The Boys, it was on TRL and everything and as soon as Faye Hamlin left the group they fell back into Radio Disney etc. Ex Play member, Rosanna "Rosie" Munter has started a solo career. They toured with Aaron Carter and DS and all those other popstars in 2000. From personal pictures all she seems to do is party. This Philip mission to Samaria however shows how the gospel is indeed a barrier breaker, and also the beginning of the unfolding of the Church’s mission participation in God’s global redemptive plan.Samaria, which can be considered the middle wall between the Jews and the Gentiles, gives way as the evangelist Philip triumphantly enters the land with the good news.

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