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The webcomic, instead, is about a rationale-inept runaway wizard who never completed her training, and she uses a revolver as a weapon.It was pointed out by someone else, later in this review, that the term "6 Gun" is another way to say "revolver." Gotta keep that shit original. The basic concept is that they center their magic around the use of guns to do things like manipulate bullet trajectory and locate where people are hiding. However, they can only use flintlocks because their magic won't work otherwise.Terror of the battlefields, hero to the people and what-not.Just because someone is abnormally skilled at something isn't a reason to kill them, it's a reason to have them work for you.6 Gun Mage was in the to-be-reviewed section of the BWW forum. Let me give you my first few notes on this webcomic, so that you may adequately understand exactly where I found the downfall to be.

He's pretty much some smug looking piece of shit who has a generic scar over his eye and neck.And they aren't as good as full-fledged mages, of which only maybe four have appeared, for about ten pages (it's implied that there are many more).And there are many kinds of firearm in this webcomic which are better than flintlocks.If you know your clichés and tropes, this comic won't fail a single expectation. And from this page, it looks like her rescuer will indeed be either Smugs Mac Genericscar or the elf chick.Nothing about this webcomic is influential, inspired, or interesting. The author also somehow managed to use "it's" instead of "its" three times in a row, and misspelled "throbbing".Best stick to what other people already did right so that you don't have to risk making something bad.Except that when you don't take risks, it doesn't really come off as good anyways.He stole the elf chick's coin, and apparently it has some kind of super power or something. We don't want to overwhelm the readers with original writing now, do we?It's never really elaborated upon, probably so that it can be used as a deus ex machina or macguffin later on (it can't be the phlebotinum, the webcomic already has one of those). No, it would require actual effort to create your own ideas, or use old ideas in new ways, or make anything that's, oh I don't know, God damn thought provoking.Gun mages can only use flintlocks because the power needed to use multiple bullets at once would kill them.So, some dude crafted a gun which offsets this hindrance, and Kylie ran off with it for some reason.

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