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There have been some warmer stretches and some cold snaps–pretty much as we’d expect.

2017 ended and 2018 started with a lengthy stretch of very cold temperatures, but by itself it’s not enough to give much of a clue as to what to expect for the cherry blossom bloom.

The Kwanzan cherry blossoms were in full bloom around April 9-15.

The trees are now going through their fall cycle of leaves turning brown and orange and falling off.

In the fall, some weather experts issued long-range winter forecasts.

The National Weather Service’s long-range outlook suggests the region might see a warmer-than-normal winter.

It was established in 1974 as a picture catalog specializing in women from Asia.

But, of course, that comes with quite a lot of uncertainty.

In trying to estimate when the cherry blossoms might bloom, what to look for, in particular, is how the winter shapes up–whether it’s colder or warmer than the average.

The last two winters have been recording-setting in terms of warmth, although the prediction so far is that this coming winter might not measure up to quite such extremes.

The ‘s weather team predicts temperatures to be a little warmer than average but colder and snowier than last winter.

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