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"And the broadcast itself could be enough." But getting a copy of that broadcast would be "practically impossible," Walden said, unless the images and messages are being archived by the site's providers.

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But a large number of them seem determined to expose themselves, or to entice others to do so -- and that is causing alarm among authorities and child protection advocates.

"It would make for a great cyberlaw exam," Calo said.

"Students would have to identify all those issues." Despite the legal ambiguities surrounding the site, Chris Reed, professor of electronic commerce law at the Queen Mary University of London School of Law, told Fox that an individual could be extradited to a foreign country for transmitting obscene or indecent images if the conduct is obscene in both countries -- that of the sender and receiver. "In practice, no country has sufficient law enforcement resources to take action in other than symbolic cases," Reed wrote Fox in an e-mail.

"It would be very easy for authorities that wanted to suggest that the site was contributing to public indecency to do that," he told Fox

But, he continued, the Communications Decency Act of 1996 may exempt civil liability for Chatroulette itself, because the law has been interpreted to imply that operators of Internet services are not publishers, and therefore not legally liable for the content of third-party users.

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