Chatbot german sex

The chatbot–which will be offered first on Facebook, and later on Whats App and via text, recognizing that refugees with limited wireless data are reluctant to download new apps–talks refugees through these details, provides sample questions for practice, and an Arabic mnemonic to help them remember key points such as making sure their story is consistent, and sharing emotion.

But even though most refugees have smartphones–and desperately need information–many of the new tech tools are underused.

After an asylum-seeker answers a few questions, the tool walks them through what to expect and how to present their case.

Over time, the tool will expand to become a hub of information relevant to refugees, using the crowd to help vet the reliability of that information and flag details that seem outdated or inaccurate.

Over time, the bot will use AI to learn to respond to many more questions.

It will also be available in more languages–it is currently only available in English and Arabic, targeting Syrian refugees.

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