Case knife dating system

Meanwhile Jim Parker is taking bids on a huge special run of knives he will have made utilizing Case family trademarks he retained after the sale of the company.

(circa 1980 – 1987) saw a large push to lower the cost in the production of the Case pocket knives.

But, the blades width got shrunk on many models (congress and gunstock come to mind) and the blade edge grind went for several years looking like it was done with a stone grinder. On the poor little tiny toothpicks, it about eat up the whole blade.

Backsprings seemed to open up a bit and slab gaps as well as blade play seemed to get much more lax. New patterns have started coming out at what seems to be a higher price point.

With that, we got “new grind” and noticeable decreases in quality.

Knives from this era are not junk, but you will see looser fitting blades, open backsprings, lower end slabs, etc.

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