Carbon dating great sphinx

Rain that must have fallen on the Sphinx after it was carved.

The problem is that in 2500 BC Egypt was as bone dry as it is today, getting less that an inch of rain a year.

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Did it come about as a result of chance combinations of molecules in the ” primeval soup ” ? This complex of ancient monuments includes the pyramids carbon dating complexes known as the Great Pyramids, the massive known as theseveral cemeteries, a workers' village and an industrial complex. Among the discoveries at the workers' village are communal sleeping quarters, bakeries, breweries, and kitchens with evidence showing that bread, beef, and fish pyrxmids staples of the diet carbno, a hospital and a cemetery where some of the skeletons were found with signs of trauma associated with accidents on a building site.It is sufficient to state, as at least one senior member of the profession has been honest enough to admit, that “there is not a single ancient inscription which connects the Sphinx to Knafre “. It is carved in one piece out of the bedrock of the Giza plateau, although later patched up with repair blocks ( in both ancient and modern times ) is still recognizable in essence as a gigantic monolith .As such it is not susceptible to carbon – dating, which can measure the age of organic materials only.My conjecture is that the whole riddle is linked in some way to the legendary civilizations spoken of in all the mythologies of the world.You know, that there were great catastrophes, that a few people survived and went wandering around the earth and that a bit of knowledge was preserved here, a bit there… If I were asked to place a bet I’d say that the end of the Last Ice Age and is probably older that 10.000 BC, perhaps even older that 15.000 BC .Palaeoclimatologist , however , are able to tell us , very accurately , when the weather was wetter .Their conclusion is that the last time sufficient rain fell in the eastern Sahara to have caused characteristic weathering of the Sphinx was between 70 BC .If my findings are in conflict with their theory about the rise of civilization then maybe its time for them to re – evaluate that theory.I’m not saying that the Sphinx was build by Atlanteans , or people from Mars , or extra – terrestrials .

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