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Also see: Best new mobile games coming in 2017 We Brits love to shop, and online shopping makes it easier than ever.

Now with apps dedicated to online shopping, you'll wonder why you ever bothered getting out of bed to buy a loaf of bread.

You can also find all manner of social aggregators that combine all your social feeds into a single feed.

You can also check our deals pages for up to date bargains on tech.Many Android phones and tablets come with social-media apps built-in, but if yours doesn't then top of your list will be Facebook and Twitter.If you're downloading Facebook don't forget Facebook Messenger for private messaging with friends (no, it's not evil), and if you're a poster rather than a lurker then Timehop offers a fascinating look back at what was on your mind on this day in previous years.One of my favourites is App Lock, which lets me lock down only the apps I want to hide from prying eyes without password- or PIN-protecting my entire phone.Tech Advisor's Publisher Simon Jary likes Fitbit, the companion app for Fitbit activity trackers that helps you keep tabs on goals, progress and fitness levels.Try Monster Job Search, Linked In Job Search, Total Jobs, Jobsite or countless others.The Tech Advisor team has also recommended a range of apps that don't easily fit into any of the previous categories, but that we find useful aids in our daily life.And if it's cheap flights you're after, try Sky Scanner.If you're travelling far away from home, and Late Rooms can help you find a place to stay overnight.For keeping tabs on trains we like National Rail, for working out where you need to go on the London Underground there's Tube Map, and if you also need buses info then there's City Mapper.Uber is a cool app for grabbing a cab within minutes in more than 50 countries.

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  1. Oh yeah and the same someone told me that my ex got married and had invited him to celebrate at some ceremony last night. He behaved indifferent afterwards and then he asked if he could call me later.