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It can be tough for your partner to know how to take your emotions when they're so unpredictable.

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Firstly, it's important not to blame yourself for the way you're feeling.There are plenty of things you can try that may help to make your moods more manageable: Talk it through One of the best antidotes to feeling down or stressed is to talk to someone.Try to be honest about what you're feeling with your partner, friends and family. [Accessed August 2015] I'm 12 weeks pregnant & I'm verrrrry tenderhearted.You may be surprised by how understanding and supportive they can be! I've been craving subway for about 3 days now and its making me so irritable cause I cannot get it!You can also find support and advice from fellow mums-to-be, who know exactly what you're going through, in the friendly Baby Centre community. I've thought about a sub & literally started crying. Well i really i am quiet scared and don't know what to do because my woman is 18 weeks pregnant and this is our 1st child together, which i am totally confused about whats happening between us since her moods change the moment shes far away from me.With so much going on in your body and your mind, it's understandable that your emotions are taking a bit of a rollercoaster ride.Many women find that their moods become more manageable in the second trimester Once the major mood swings of the first trimester have passed, it's still perfectly normal to have the occasional wobble.In your calmer moments, try to spend some quality time together. It will help to strengthen your relationship before your baby arrives. Antenatal and postnatal mental health: clinical management and service guidance. See a feel-good movie, catch up with friends over lunch or sit in your garden with a good book. You can even create your own mini spa to pamper yourself at home.

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