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In fact, he says his familiarity with the medium will definitely influence the tone he’ll take in his talk showstar Caitlyn Jenner. I mean, I’ve been on reality shows pretty much my whole life, so that’s definitely help me be more open.” That being the case, we just had to ask: what does the self-proclaimed “Dr. You have to make sure you’re worrying about the other person.

"If your ex is making things up about you, he's obviously miserable. If you dwell on it, it's going to make you miserable.

Brody Jenner's Instagram feed has been burning up with pictures of his new girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, for months now.

Thanks to Jenner's stint on The Hills and his occasional appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we're pretty familiar with his antics.

on the show, we faked that they had broken up and Brody and I had started dating.

We saw Jayde at a club and she was all upset that we were together because the whole time Jayde and Brody were still really together.

Jenner has been relatively hush-hush about his dating life for a former reality star, so it's anyone's guess how long the two have officially been dating.

But judging by the fact that he's met her family, it's probably safe to say they've been together for several months at least.

“I’ve dated a few girls in my life,” Jenner tells EW, laughing.But it's Carter that everyone seems to be a lot more curious about.So for your gossiping pleasure, I've rounded up some handy facts about Jenner's lady." —Brody Jenner"If a guy's talking to you at a club and you're having a long conversation, and then one of your friends comes up and he automatically devotes his attention to her, that's always a sign to look for.They're not always just doing it 'cause they're being 'friendly.' They want to look for somebody new." —Brody Jenner"This is how [my boys and I] do it: If two girls approach and you like one, you introduce yourself to the friend first.That was over a decade ago, and I just really wanted to do something that for me was different,” he says.But Jenner — who has starred on shows including , a series where like-minded bros completed for a spot on Jenner’s entourage — doesn’t regret his time climbing ranks of reality TV. “You don’t ever want to be selfish in bed and just worry about yourself.Carter was a finalist in Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hotties.Perhaps she decided it wasn't for her though because she hasn't done a lot of modeling since.“Nothing crazy, but I’ve had a lot of experience with the whole dating scene.I’ve been through good relationships and bad relationships.

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