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Taurus Boyfriend will teach the Gemini Girlfriend, how to maintain a routine of persistence and patience to achieve long term goals. The Leo Girlfriend may need to seek adventure and need for mental stimulation and compliments elsewhere.

These two are great at planning for the future together, but may not make great partner in home life. A Libra girlfriend will treasure her Taurus boyfriend…long as he is the type to spice things up a bit every now and then. The Scorpio Girlfriend is Taurus boyfriends opposite sun sign.

For many of us, Thanksgiving kicks off a season of celebration which doesn’t really seem to stop until sometime in January.

I probably don’t have to tell you that large gatherings of people, festive parties, and times when everyone is supposed to be part of a happy family can be especially hard if you’re single […] Read more When you think about addiction, you probably conjure up an instant picture.

These two as different as they may seem…make a great love match. Taurus is youthful at heart and enjoys, raising his Dont expect a Taurus boyfriend to spend his money buying you lavish expensive gifts.Our dates were lively and fun, and he was really cute.It had been ages since I’d felt that way about anyone, and I was so happy and relieved.The Taurus male chest may be “buff.” You can tell hes been working out at the gym.His entire body is looks strong and muscular just like “a typical Bull.”.In true earth sign style He is wearing earth tones, warm browns and tan.He notices you looking at him, but he takes his time in coming over to you.It’s like the universe is trying to tell you something, or to teach you a lesson, or […] Read more By Sarah Elizabeth Richards You want to look your best when you’re dating new people. In your head, you just have to buckle down on your calorie count for a few weeks or months, and you’ll look great in your tightest jeans or fitted leather […] Read more Emily Nunn’s new book The Comfort Food Diaries: My Quest for the Perfect Dish to Mend a Broken Heart is a memoir about a woman in the midst of grief.In the wake of her brother’s death, her fiancé breaks up with her and her life falls apart. First, she moves […] Read more Dating can be exciting, exhilarating, and, naturally, nerve-wracking!Family, house, children, and lots of love and affection. These two have a lot in common in terms of their outlook on life. Taurus, is calm, works hard and has a routine he sticks too. The Best thing about the Taurus boyfriend is that he is reliable and dependable.With Taurus boyfriend in your life, you always have someone to call on if you are feeling blue, or someone who will be willing to swing by the supermarket for you.

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