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What’s slowly shifting, say community insiders, is the acceptance of couples where both women are definitively masculine.The mission of Our Sista Circle is to connect, empower, inform and support lesbians of color globally.But what else could such a website do to be more unique?I thought, "It can't be this difficult to meet lesbians of color!" I knew that if I was becoming frustrated with online dating, there had to be other lesbians of color who felt the exact same way, so I decided to do some research.However, knowing that other sistas are meeting, dating and in some instances marrying makes it all worthwhile.Being gay in Greensboro, North Carolina, is pretty simple: The LGBT community is small, so people like who they like, explained Robin, a 29-year-old black lesbian who was taken aback when she relocated to Atlanta a few years ago. Further, those labels limited socially acceptable couples to one type – a butch and a femme.The problem was that men constantly harassed and verbally abused the lesbian members.The lesbian-specific social networking sites I found were built using free networks like Ning, which limits the amount of messages you can send per day, so if you joined a lesbian site that uses Ning and sent five messages and then decided to log into another Ning-based site, you would be blocked from sending any more messages that day. The other issue I encountered with lesbian social networking sites was that the majority of their members were white.Where were the free social networking sites for lesbians of color looking to meet other lesbians of color?!I stopped asking myself these questions and decided to act, and in October 2009 I launched Our Sista, the first free social networking site for lesbians of color.

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