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Their album went up high in the charts, and the single, “Fool's Gold,” went to Number 2 in the charts [in the UK]. We recorded at Rockfield in Wales and overdubbed at Mitch's Drive-In studio in North Carolina before mixing at Abbey Road back in London.

The album, In 1991, I went to America and recorded The House of Freaks, two guys from Richmond, Va., signed to Rhino Records Johnny Hott and Brian Harvey. They were big fans of The Clash and wanted to sound British, as well as sounding American. Then I did The Posies in Seattle, just before Nirvana was signed.

Since that interview, however, Leckie's already considerable success has mushroomed.

Today, he is one of the most in-demand producers in the UK, after a decade of pioneering hit albums with bands such as the Stone Roses and Radiohead.

We did go in to record the follow-up album, but the band only had one song called “One Love.” We spent a lot of time on this, then I went off and did The Posies while they mixed “One Love.” When I had finished The Posies album, they were mixing this track.

And they produced guitar sounds I had never heard before.They then spent another 14 months at Rockfield Studios completing the album, called for A&M records.I have always been a fan of Robyn Hitchcock, so I was delighted with this.So I don't really know what to say about that, except that it was recorded in a traditional manner with two guitars, bass and drums.The difference was that the band was good, played their instruments well and made a good sound so my work was easy.The record was recorded using the BBC SSL mobile, parked outside Robyn's terraced house on the Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of England, near Southampton.. Anyway, for this record, we laid down an accurate keyboard part using a DX7, Cubase and an Atari, and then we hired a Yamaha Disklavier so we could get the sound of a real piano when we continued working on the recording at Livingston Studios in North London.I was amazed at this facility the way that you could have the tremendous sound of a grand piano on your record from what was originally a synthesizer part recorded into a sequence..I was impressed with the guitar playing, particularly the acoustic guitars.On one song, “Nice Dream,” there are five people playing five different acoustic guitars.I'd used this truck in France with Be Bop Deluxe back in 1977.We recorded in a house near Manchester and recorded just three songs in that time. Anyway, at my suggestion, the band went off and rehearsed for three months.

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