Biblical teaching on dating and courtship

Breaking up often involves tears, anger and has a variety of negative emotional consequences.

And after a string of failed relationships young men and women can become serial monogamists that develop skill in breaking up and ultimately end up hard-hearted and distrustful of relationships in general, overly insecure and overly jealous of one another, or just plain bitter and cynical about the idea of a lasting relationship.

This is what I get paid to do, to bring you truth where there may be error by seeking God’s word to give us wisdom and insight into these practical matters. Biblical Courtship If there is one specific area that many Christians have blindly and willingly accepted secular practices, it would be in the area of dating. Courtship is a relationship with oversight and clear end goal of marriage c.

Pastors have dropped the teaching of biblical courtship and the church has instead adopted recreational dating and it has had a horrendous influence on churches, families and society in whole. Marriage is one man and one woman in a sexually consummated enduring covenant What is dating?

In our culture the person that one marries is simply the last person in a string of relationships that involved emotional and sexual "commitments" that have already been promised and broken.

It’s like musical chairs, once the music stops you sit down and get married to whomever you land on.

Because this topic is so misunderstood or ignored, what I say to you today may seem totally and completely foreign.

I very well may look like the evil three headed monster after this message and the lies you have swallowed hook, line, and sinker may appear to be more correct or at very least most natural.

Not so today, today will hopefully mark a day in which your perception and opinion about dating, courtship, and marriage was altered from a secular pagan position to a Godly Biblical position.

Recreational dating lends itself to a high rate of broken homes that end in divorce because the married couple are accustomed to disappointment and heartache, are used to breaking up and are now skilled at it, and have even perfected the art of finding someone on the side so you don’t end up alone before you dump the one your with.

It completely trivializes intimacy and supports the idea that men and women are playthings that can be tossed aside at will.

The special and sacred nature of the marriage covenant has been lost.

It has been tossed aside for the foolish and sinful pleasures of our secular dating system.

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