Biblical advice on dating

Erez Ben-Yosef of Tel Aviv University, head of the team that discovered the structure, pointed out that copper had a great value for military organizations back then."Because copper — like oil today, perhaps — was the most coveted commodity, it landed at the very heart of military conflicts.

The discovery of the fortification indicates a period of serious instability and military threats at that time in the region," he said.

The relics may have been kept at the Santa Maria church for centuries following an internal power conflict in the Catholic Church going back to Pope Urban II's reign in the 11th century.

The Bible says that Peter denied Christ three times, before repenting, and later being crucified upside down in Rome in the first century as a Christian martyr.

Numerous sling stones found near the site also could serve as evidence of the large biblical battle, they added.

Peter, one of Jesus Christ's apostles, considered by Roman Catholics to be the first pope.

The Vatican said at the time that it will wait for a DNA comparison between the newly discovered relics and other bones of St.

Peter, the first disciple and first pope in the Catholic Church; to excavation work giving evidence for major battles and conquests described in the Bible, the year offered plenty in the way of apologetics discourse.

In some instances, such as the analysis of mortar samples at the Tomb of Christ, it was the reliance on technological methods that produced new insight into the evidence for some of the most important Christian events in history.

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