Asian interracial dating in california

Now, however, a new wave of Asian actors and action heroes--Chow Yun Fat, Rick Yune and Jet Li--are showing that Asian stars can be objects of lust as well as the next guy.

(Witness the handsome leading men in "Anna and the King," starring Chow and Jodie Foster, and Yune's recent "Snow Falling on Cedars.") "Jet Li got a deal with Warner Bros. "You'll definitely be seeing more of the Asian male as romantic hero, instead of just gun-toting villain or sexless geek," he says.

Keep up with this story and more At the same time, the media are redefining their image of Asian-American men, a group previously labeled as weak, sexless and unable to offer the status and security that white men could.

Marlon Villa, a Filipino from San Francisco whose wife is white, says the old idea was, "Black guys are studs, white guys have all the power and Asian guys are the nerdy little wimps that women wouldn't glance at."Charlie Chan was one early stereotype, formal and inscrutable.

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"When you think about marriage patterns," Gordon Chang says, "social position plays a big part in how we evaluate partners."Wayne Chang is on the front lines of the new vibe.

In New York's hyperhip East Village, the ubiquitous presence of Asian males has almost become its own cliche.

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Shinegawa expects the trend to continue, and researchers are eagerly awaiting this year's census to confirm what they suspect is an even greater speed-up.

Experts are divided over the causes for the imbalance.

One reason may be that many Asian men born in America face strong family pressure to be dutiful sons by marrying appropriate (read: same race, good family) women. Chang says his family told him, "Go forth and multiply--but only with a nice Korean girl." At the same time the message Asian men were getting from society was: you are not the masculine ideal. Asian-American men are marrying outside their ethnic group at a far faster rate than before, according to new research by demographer Larry Hajine Shinagawa.

He claims the typical Asian man will not gain an equal level of acceptance from marrying white as his Asian female counterpart would. Does it bring greater approval from the Asian family? It brings no greater regard from any side." Because of that, Shinagawa says, divorce rates for interracially married Asian men are much higher than those for Asian women.

"Does it bring a greater social approval from white America [for the man]? Whatever one's views about intermarriage, most academics see the new dating patterns as a positive development.

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