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In the event of a retirement plan that predates the marriage, the portion of the plan that accrued prior to the marriage would be considered the separate property of the contributor, and thus a marital asset.

This Social Security claim is separate and independent of the other party’s benefits, and has a value that does not affect the other party in the divorce, so there’s no need to “offset” this retirement benefit.The ex-spouse seeking the benefits must also sufficiently demonstrate that (1) the marriage lasted for 10 years or longer, (2) the ex-spouse seeking the benefits is unmarried, and (3) the benefits the ex-spouse is entitled to receive based on his or her own record is less than the benefits he or she would receive based on the other ex-spouse’s earning record.In order for an ex-spouse to apply for, or to receive, benefits under the ex-spouse’s earning record, he or she must be unmarried by divorce, annulment, or death.The non-working spouse, or the lesser-working spouse, still contributed to the marriage and the retirement plan, even if only in non-monetary ways, thus helping the team so to speak.In many cases, a non-working spouse cares for children, provides marital home upkeep, and/or handles the home management so that the working spouse may work and save for retirement.The reasoning (and the law) in regard to this enforced division is at least used these accounts in calculations to properly finance your family’s retirement plan, your retirement standard of living plan for the both of you.Divorce changes that plan of course, but each spouse legally retains some right to the benefit.For many, both the potential “givers” and the “receivers” of these benefits, this topic is of paramount importance during a divorce process, particularly in longer marriages or for those individuals who have limited working years ahead of them.Retirement benefits typically fall into three categories: retirement savings plans, Social Security benefits, and in this area of the Commonwealth of Virginia, military pensions.retirement plans that are opened post-separation, and are funded with only post-separation separate income, are separate property and therefore not subject to equitable distribution. Retirement benefits may be divided in a divorce in a couple of ways.Most commonly, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) ) who has a right to receive all or a portion of benefits payable to a participant under a retirement plan.

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