Are you dating an alpha female

However if you’ve made your alpha male smile or even laugh, it’s a sign he truly likes you.

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Alpha males believe that only women can be emotional and hesitant. They know what to do and they won’t stop until they do it.

If your boyfriend always keeps his word, you might be dating a real alpha male.

They don’t drink too much alcohol and avoid eating fast food to stay fit.

He will teach you to cope with problems without fights and dramas.

If you don’t learn this lesson, chances are he will break up with you.

The disadvantage is that his words can often hurt you because he doesn’t care about how you feel. The thing is that when speaking, an alpha male doesn’t worry about what others think about his words. They don’t smile and laugh just like we do when see or hear some funny things.

They usually give half smile and think it’s enough for them.

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