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The Papers offer thorough documentation of many aspects of College affairs.Topics covered in the correspondence include finances; curriculum; appointments and resignations of faculty (including those who declined appointment); the establishment and duties of professorships; bequests and legacies; student discipline and disorder; construction and repairs to College buildings and houses occupied by faculty members; donations to the library; appointments to the Boylston Medical Committee and the awarding of the Boylston prizes; responsibilities of the Steward including commons and the procurement of wood, as well as routine maintenance of the College including the cleaning of student rooms and sweeping chimneys; and special events including commencement and inaugurations.Correspondence from administrators at other colleges and universities throughout the United States include introductions for scholars and faculty, requests for recommendations of faculty for open positions, and notifications of student disorders.

Historical and administrative records dating back as early as the mid 1600s were gathered together and arranged in chronological order in bound volumes which were then placed in the Library.As part of the current project, the processing archivist numbered all documents in the remaining six volumes.Some documents dated between January 1 and March 25 before 1752 have been cited with the double date convention, e.g., March 13, 1638/9.Other topics of note include in the establishment of the Harvard Medical School in 1782, the Harvard Divinity School in 1816, and the Harvard Law School in 1817, as well as changes in the organization of the Board of Overseers and the Corporation.The Papers also provide evidence of Harvard's relationship with the immediate community and beyond.After 1850, historical records continued to be collected and arranged on an intermittent basis.Papers that were accidentally overlooked, or newly discovered or received, were added later as supplements.(1747-1824) at Stockbridge, Massachusetts (and later New York); and Frederick Baylies (1774-1836) among the Chappaquiddick Indians on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.Early missionary activities were funded by the Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England, an English organization whose funds were administered by Harvard, and the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge.Included is documentation of the Charlestown Ferry, the West Boston Bridge, and the Cambridge and Concord Turnpike, as well as records of community members (including women) who rented or purchased land or property from the College.The relationship between Harvard and the state government is revealed through copies of official memorials and petitions to the General Court (most often requesting additional grants or aid from the Court).

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