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Andy was struck by the irony of the imbalance of nutrition in the world. Yes, he’s got a public forum because of that whole - I’m ready to get married so I’ll go on TV to do it… Wait never mind it didn’t work out on the ‘Bachelor’ thing, but he’s actually part of something way bigger than reality TV. Cappy Surette had this to say about Andy's humanitarian work: "Andy is one of the many people in the Navy who share the passion and desire to do good work all around the world. For more info on Andy's journey or to donate to Worldvision or the clinic in Kenya, click here.”In the United States, we have an epidemic of childhood obesity, because our poorest kids don’t get proper nutrition. What does a reality TV celebrity, over-achieving, Iron Man competing humanitarian doctor do with a public forum and the responsibility of the world’s malnutrition on his shoulders? Navy Medicine is a .4B enterprise with over 63,000 Navy personnel dedicated to providing a global healthcare network for our troops while collaborating with partners around the world to develop cures for some of the world's most devastating diseases like Malaria and HIV AIDS." “These proactive humanitarian assistance missions build trust and cooperation with partner nations, provide medical care to populations in need, and sow the seeds for long term stability and security in many places around the world." The Morton Report will be following Andy’s mission to Africa - which starts on October 1st and his double down marathon endeavor (Nairobi Oct. So, will this bachelor ever find the love of his life? Summers Mc Kay is a surprisingly young Hollywood veteran with a career that started like most future industry moguls careers do - as an intern at Entertainment Tonight.I was on top of the world, with The Bachelor, and I had all this fame, but it was fleeting.Going through that gauntlet of an experience made me realize what is really important.”During his deployment Andy came off his scripteality romantic high and began to realize that the settling down wasn’t ever going to work for him.

Greeted by enthusiastic villagers, many of whom had never seen white people before, Andy was immediately moved by the benevolence of the people and a tremendous sense of generosity amidst absolute devastation.Canales wore a white tie and tails with white gloves.Sunday morning, after an early breakfast with their parents, the couple departed for a weeklong cruise in the Caribbean.Dominique Moceanu, who won a gold medal at the 1996 summer Olympics as part of the U. women’s gymnastics team dubbed the Magnificent Seven, wed longtime beau Michael Canales in her hometown of Houston on Saturday afternoon.Three of her Olympic teammates – Amanda Borden, Dominique Dawes and Kerri Strug, a bridesmaid – were among the 175 wedding guests, along with Olympic greats Paul and Morgan Hamm, Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci. ” a gleeful Moceanu told PEOPLE following the traditional Romanian Orthodox service, which was presided over by three bearded clerics.I’d done a lot of charity work before, but really the springboard The Bachelor had was powerful.Being able to flip it and use it to help others is where I really realized the point of being on TV.” When Andy was in Laos he treated hundreds of children with gastrointestinal worms which robbed them of the basic nutrition they needed to grow and develop. This is not a story about a recent trip to rehab, or all the speculations of his post celeb-reality paparazzi hunting. This is not a story about Andy’s quest to compete on Dancing with the Stars.They became a couple after meeting again years later, and Canales served as her coach as she trained last year for a planned return to competition.The American-born daughter of Romanian immigrants, Moceanu started gymnastics at 3 1/2.

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