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Jim Carrey has a long history of dating beautiful women, and his new girlfriend, Anchal Joseph, is no exception.Joseph, a model and former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant, held hands with Carrey, 49, while exiting Broadway’s Cort Theater, where they caught the play ‘Time Stands Still,’ starring Christina Ricci and Laura Linney.Joseph was the sixth contestant to be selected to participate on the seventh cycle of America's Next Top Model and was told at casting by host Tyra Banks that she was one of the most physically beautiful contestants to ever participate in the competition.While she was often praised for the quality of her portfolio, her lack of self-confidence was often noted by the judging panel and she was eliminated after refusing to fully participate in a challenge that required her to perform a task while portraying a random emotion (dance aggressively), ranking seventh.Joseph stirred some controversy when she made comments about the fact that people with lighter hair, skin or eyes were perceived as better looking in India, when asked about her blue contacts by Tyra Banks.She was voted Cover Girl of the Week by the viewers during the third and fourth episode.There's been more action for Mc Carthy since the breakup.

But now it seems Jim Carrey may have found love again, judging by photographs of him leaving a theatre in New York hand-in-hand with former America's Next Top Model contestant Anchal Joseph.She had also modelled for Zoom Magazine and French Vogue.Growing up, she was quite insecure and felt unattractive, but when she got into modelling she became more confident.Joseph was born in New Delhi, India, but her family migrated to Homestead, Florida, when she was six years old.She was nineteen years old when she tried out for America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7, but before that she was working in her hometown as a sales clerk.may remember her from the seventh season (I don’t watch, so I have no idea who she is).The idea of Jim Carrey with some young model screams “rebound” to me, especially considering he seemed to be having a difficult time after he and Jenny Mc Carthy split last April.And, despite being eliminated seventh in the competition, she is currently pursuing a modelling career in New York.But while Carrey is undoubtedly keen to flaunt his new relationship, it seems the actor is well and truly back on the dating market, as he was reported to have gone on another theatre date last Wednesday night - this time with a pretty blonde woman.Jenny has already moved on, and I think she’s already on her second “serious” boyfriend.You can see the photos of Jim and Anchal here, at Dlisted.

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