Amy dumas dating cm punk 2016

Dumas first became involved in wrestling after inspection Rey Mysterio, Jr., a Mexican Luchador, wrestle on an incident of World challenge Wrestling's (WCW) Monday Nitro.

She traveled to Mexico in 1998 to study extra regarding the game and how to fight.

Dumas financed her preparation by dancing in an organization beneath the alias Misty.

Dumas was introduced to experienced person wrestler Dory Funk, Jr.

Temporarily, Funk and his spouse compiled video recording of Dumas and sent it to the World Wrestling alliance.

The Federation was adequately awed, and on November 1, 1999, Dumas was signed to a WWF developmental contract.

The video was made available to WWE Mobile on AT&T subscribers immediately after Smack Down went off the air.

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She then completely tarnished that reputation many years later by mimicking having sex with Edge in the ring. It was an admiral act and a charity that is still going today.

She majored in teaching at Georgia State University, but dropped out in 1993 as she felt it was too much similar to high school. C., Dumas played deep guitar in numerous bands, and she performed as a roadie for a group.

She is top recognized for the stage name/ring given name Lita.

Seventeen years and a lifetime of wild experiences later, her high school crush, Shane Morton, is her boyfriend, bandmate and partner in nearly everything else, and that drawing hangs on his refrigerator.

For those of you who are still unsure if Lita and Punk are dating…

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