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Its report, which was not released until 2013, concluded that "as a very reasonable & modest number of deaths in the state...somewhere between 30,000 & 40,000." After the Siege of Golconda by Mughal Empire in 1687, the region was renamed as Deccan Subah—(due to its geographical proximity in the Deccan Plateau) and in 1713 Qamar-ud-din Khan—(later known as Asaf Jah I or Nizam I) was appointed its Subahdar and bestowed with the title of Nizam-ul-Mulk by the Mughal Emperor.Hyderabad's effective independence is dated to 1724, when the Nizam won a military victory over a rival military appointee.The state had its own army, airline, telecommunication system, railway network, postal system, currency and radio broadcasting service.Hyderabad was a multi-lingual state consisting of peoples speaking Telugu (48.2%), Marathi (26.4%), Kannada (12.3%) and Urdu (10.3%).However, by 1948 almost all had acceded to either India or Pakistan.One major exception was that of the wealthiest and most powerful principality, Hyderabad, where the Nizam, Osman Ali Khan, Asif Jah VII, a Muslim ruler who presided over a largely Hindu population, chose independence and hoped to maintain this with an irregular army recruited from the Muslim aristocracy, known as the Razakars.

Hyderabad violated all clauses of the agreement: in external affairs, by carrying out intrigues with Pakistan, to which it secretly loaned 15 million pounds; in defence, by building up a large semi-private army; in communications, by interfering with the traffic at the borders and the through traffic of Indian railways.

Initially they also drew support from wealthier peasants who also fought under the communist banner, but by 1948, the coalition had disintegrated.

According to the Indian intelligence Bureau Deputy Director, the social and economic programs of the communists were "positive and in some cases great...

Starting mid-1946, the conflict between the Razakars and the communists became increasingly violent, with both sides resorting to increasingly brutal methods.

The Razakars cordoned off villages, captured suspected communists en masse and engaged in ‘absolutely indiscriminate and organised' (according to one Congressman) looting and massacres.

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